Scott Wren and Veronica Willis

Outlook 2024 Panel: Markets & Economy in an Election Year

Join us for a Panel discussion discussing the outlook for the economy and markets in an election year, as well as investment opportunities, in 2024.

Fitzpatrick Group Team Photo

A 50 year history with multi-generational client relationships…

Since our team was founded by John Fitzpatrick in 1965, we’ve seen remarkable changes, such as multiple market cycles and economic shifts, as well as major milestones in our lives and those of our clients.

But some things stay the same – such as providing sound, time-tested investment guidance around our client’s objectives.  Through this time, whether it be an individual investor, family, or institution, we are proud to boast a remarkable client retention rate. 

“Many of our client relationships with The Fitzpatrick Group go back generations. We believe these relationships are a testament to the trust level that we have earned with our clients.”
– Edward Fitzpatrick, CFP®